1. Users create the requisitions through the eRequisitions interface
  2. A supervisor or staff member approves the requisitions
  3. To create the purchase order from the requisitions, click Records on the navigation bar in The Financial Edge
  4. Click Requisitions (or Purchase Orders).
  5. Click Consolidate Requisition Line Items.
  6. Complete the appropriate information on the General tab
  7. Select the Items tab


  8. Click Select All to select all line items. Or click Deselect All and mark each item as needed in the Consolidate column.
  9. Enter the quantity to consolidate, or click Consolidate All.
  10. Click Pre-Consolidate and verify that the pre-consolidation report is correct.
  11. Click Consolidate to consolidate the line items and create the purchase order.

For complete information on using eRequisitions, refer to the Records Guide for Accounts Payable.