Try each of the following steps in order until the error is resolved:

  1. If exporting date fields in Query output to Excel, ensure that there are no typos in any dates used in the Output that may cause the date to be earlier than 1/1/1900. (Excel does not recognize any dates earlier than this).
  2. Select a different export format, such as the CSV (comma separated value) format for the export. (Excel can use this format.)
  3. Create a new query, if the error does not happen recreate queries that receive the error.
  4. Close all other applications.
  5. If utilizing dual monitors check for different screen resolutions and adjust them to match accordingly. Also can occur when using a docked laptop configuration. 
  6. If the application is in Blackbaud Hosting, try exporting to the local workstation or reviewing screen resolution settings.
  7. Remove any unnecessary fields from the export/query parameters.
  8. Delete temporary files.
  9. Empty the recycle bin.
  10. Reboot the workstation.
  11. If this only occurs for one user: