Only transactions with a Post Status of Not Yet Posted are included in the posting process. Those transactions are included in batch validation process that runs every time a post or pre-post is run.

Transactions with a status of Posted and Do Not Post are not included.


Other items that can affect posting successfully:

    • The fiscal year or period must exist in General Ledger Configuration and it must also be an open period (i.e. not hard or soft closed).
    • The General Ledger account number(s) and project(s) being posted to must be active
    • Depending on the General Ledger fund closing method, the associated project must be defined for each transaction. i.e. If projects are required on the fund, then each transaction requires an associated project.
    • If the batch is being posted from The Raiser's Edge, The Raiser's Edge Fund record must have valid Credit and Debit Accounts defined on the GL Distribution tab.

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