1. In Reports, open the mail parameters.
2. Select the Gifts tab.
3. Include Sold Stock/Property gifts.
Try each of the following steps in order until the error is resolved:
  1. Make sure the sell date of the stock falls within the date range specified on the General tab of the report (Change the start/end dates to include the sold date) or edit the sold stock information to include the correct date
  2. On the Gift Types tab, make sure that the appropriate stock gift types are included in the report
  3. If the gifts are still missing from the report:
    1. Open the stock gift
    2. Sell the stock gift
    3. Save and close the gift
    4. Rerun the report
  4. Select the Gifts tab of the report and ensure Sold Stock/Property is included in the gift types.

If it is still an issue, refer to Report totals are incorrect or gifts are missing from reports (BB15951).