• Ensure that the organization has a contact listed
    • On the contact record, mark the Print organization name with address checkbox
    • Ensure the label is large enough to fit all the lines. For example, Avery 5661 can only print five lines. If you need seven lines, select a larger label.
    • Select the Format tab and unmark the Skip address lines before printing the first line checkbox
    • On the General tab, enter 1 for the Start printing in row checkbox
    • Ensure Organization Name and Position are selected on the Fields to Include tab
    • On the Org. Address tab in step 3, change Specify what happens if no contact is found to print specific organization address. By default this step is set to print the organization name with no address.
    • If mailing to contacts who are constituents, on the Ind. Address tab, use the primary business address or set the contact's business address to be the preferred address:

      1. Open the contact's constituent record

      2. Select the Addresses tab

      3. Open Business Address

      4. Mark the 'Set this address to the preferred address' checkbox

      5. Save and Close the record

      6. Reprint the labels (or other mailing function)
      7. Recreate the mailing parameters from scratch