Try these options:

Method 1: (recommended)

Export in Word (Exact) Format or Adobe Acrobat format:

  • Adobe Acrobat preserves the layout of the original Crystal Report, but it cannot be edited without purchasing a PDF editing software.
  • Word (Exact) Format retains much (or all) of the original format, but it places a text box around each piece of information, so you cannot easily edit it.

Note: You may also export in Text format. When possible, Text format exports the report formatting, but it may not be able to for all reports. It can be easily edited.

Method 2:

To export the report in Excel, try exporting in an Excel (XLS)(Extended) format first. Another option is Excel (XLS) format or CSV.

Background: Blackbaud software uses Crystal Reports to create the canned reports in our products. Crystal Reports is an advanced report writing application with advanced features. When a report is exported from Blackbaud to non-report writing applications, such as Microsoft Word or Excel, some report formatting may be lost because those programs cannot interpret Crystal's advanced reporting features. For more information on what formatting is retained or lost based on file format when exporting from Crystal Reports, review CrystalExportLimitations.XLS.