You can create Raiser's Edge actions from incoming emails with the click of a button. When you integrate Raiser’s Edge with Outlook, a Create an Action button becomes available on the Add-ins tab in the toolbar of incoming emails.

When you click the button, an action is created based on the email. You can set business rules to determine such things as a default action type and action notepad type for actions created from incoming emails. Additionally, you can specify not to save attachments over a certain size. The emails are actually embedded in the action and stored in your Raiser’s Edge database. For that reason, you may want to limit the size of attachments you allow to be saved.

When you specify to create an action, Raiser's Edge Open screen for constituents appears for you to select a constituent record on which to add the action.

The following information is included in an action created from an incoming email:

  • Constituent - the constituent you select on the Open screen 
  • Category - Email 
  • Action type - Specified as business rule 
  • Action date - Date from email 
  • Start/End time - blank 
  • Solicitor - Pulled from user name, if applicable (the solicitor selected for that user in Security is used) 
  • Status - blank 
  • Action completed checkbox - checked 
  • Action completed on - Today's date 
  • Email - If the constituent record to which the action is being added has only one email address, it defaults as the entry. If the constituent has multiple email addresses, the field is blank (although you can later select an email address on the action record). 
  • Auto-remind checkbox - not checked (and all other fields blank) 
  • Priority - Normal 
  • Campaign - blank 
  • Fund - blank 
  • Proposal - blank

The complete text of the email (as well as any attachments within the acceptable size range you specify in Configuration, Business Rules) is saved as a notepad. Also, refer to How to add an action to a constituent when an email is sent in The Raiser's Edge 7.