Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, General Ledger and Account Record balances do not match for some accounts

The ending balance of accounts, other than Fund Balance accounts, should match between the Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, General Ledger and Account Activity tab should all match as long as the same filters are being used between the reports. To compare with the Activity tab, you must only be reporting on posted items.
How to compare Financial Reports
Perform the following steps in order:
1. Create new report parameter(s)
2. Verify you are reporting on the same date range
3. Compare filters between reports and/or Account Activity tab
Note: Account Activity tab ONLY reflects items that have posted to the General Ledger
4. In Configuration > Fiscal Years, un optimize the fiscal year you are reporting on.
Note: If your year(s) do not have the status of Open - Optimized, you may skip this step

If reporting on a Fund Balance account, review our Blog "Financial Reports: Comparing Figures" for the appropriate reports to run for this account category.


 Duplicated in version 7.20.270

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