1. Enter your organization's country in Configuration. Select General and enter the appropriate country.
  2. Enter the country of the gift.
  3. Enter the gift using the Currency Exchange:
    1. Select the country from step 2 on the constituent's Bio 1 tab.
    2. Select the Gifts tab on the constituent's record. 
    3. If you are exchanging an existing gift, highlight the gift and click Edit. If you have not yet entered the gift, click Add.
    4. Before adding any dollar amount, select Gift, Currency Exchange from the menu bar. The Currency Exchange screen appears. 
    5. In the Currency type field, select the gift's currency, for example Yen.
    6. Indicate the Gift Amount and Receipt Amount in the far right column. The name of the column is the same as the currency type, for example Yen(JAP).
    7. In the Exchange Rate field, enter the current exchange rate. The Raiser's Edge defaults to the rate set in Configuration, International. For current currency exchange rates, refer to Where to find up-to-date exchange rates for Currency Exchange.
    8. Click OK to save the information. The Raiser's Edge converts the gift amount into its equivalent in the organization's currency and places the correct amounts in the Gift Amount and Receipt Amount fields.
  4. Filter the report or mailing by the currency.
    Note: When you use a currency filter in Reports, the report totals may be affected. Use a currency filter only if you want to see only gifts given in that particular currency. Be sure to remove the currency filter immediately after running the report or mailing.
  5. Acknowledge foreign currency. To include the currency in which the donation was received, use Donor Acknowledgement Letters:
    1. Click Mail, Donor Acknowledgement Letters.
    2. Include the following fields: Currency Type, Gift Amount (donated currency), Exchange Rate, and Receipt Amount (donated currency).
      Note: These fields are also available in Query.