Occurs when logging in

Possible causes:

  • The workstation or server does not meet our system requirements. 
  • The program accesses the DEPLOY folder on the server every time the program launches. The issue may be a name resolution problem on the network..

    Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:
  1. Determine whether a name resolution issue exists:
    1. Reboot (BB59304) the workstation.
    2. Click Start, Run.
    3. In the Open line, enter the UNC path to the DEPLOY folder that is located on the server (i.e. \\servername\deploy) and click OK.
    4. If it takes a long time for the folder to open, the issue stems from a name resolution problem on the network. The workstation is unable to quickly resolve the server name. Contact your network administrator to resolve the issue.
    • Ensure the workstations and the server meet our system requirements, including supported operating systems. Note: If the computers meet the minimum system requirements, you may experience minimum performance.