Try each of the following steps until the issue is resolved:
  1. Make sure to scroll down to the bottom and all the way to the right of the list using both scroll bars. 
  2. Ensure the correct Academic year and session are selected on the home page 
  3. Ensure the correct teacher is scheduled for the class 
  4. Ensure the students are scheduled for the class
  5. Verify the business rule is set correctly (version 7 only):
    a. Open Configuration, click Business Rules, General 
    b. Verify that all correct statuses are selected for entering grades and attendance 
    c. If they are, verify status on Student record. If it is incorrect, change the status to the correct status

    If the Gradebook icon is missing for one class, refer to Gradebook icon does not appear for one class (BB76016).
    If the Gradebook icon is missing for all classes, refer to All Gradebooks are missing from the Home page (BB402476).