Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

  1. Ensure the export or mailing includes all appropriate fields.
    1. In Mail or Export, open the appropriate parameter file.
    2. Select the Fields to Include tab in Mail or the Output tab in Export and ensure all of the appropriate fields are selected. 
  2. Ensure that all merge fields are included in the Word merge document are added using the 'Insert Raiser's Edge field' button. For more information, refer to: [Mail] [Export] [Letters (Configuration)].
    NOTE: In Office 2007, the RE menu is under the Add-ins tab. 
  3. If the merge fields were cut and pasted from another document, delete the fields and replace them using the 'Insert Raiser's Edge field' button, mentioned in step #2. 
  4. Ensure the blank field is populated on the record. If printing the letters directly from the record, save the record first.
  5. If the merge field is inside a text box remove the text box and user columns and tabs to create the alignments needed.

  6. Ensure you are viewing the entire letter and that the merge field is not off the screen. For example, if you have the zoom set to 200%, you cannot see the entire document at once. The missing merge field may be in the document and not showing on the screen. Scroll through the entire document to ensure it is missing. 
  7. Re-export the data and recreate the letter. For more information, refer to: [Mail] [Export] [Letters (Configuration)].