Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

  1. On the Apply Gift to Pledge(s) screen, scroll to the right to view the Constituent column. Viewing the constituent name can make it easier to identify the correct pledge if loading pledges from a different constituent's record. 
  2. Check to ensure that there are no pending transactions for this pledge in a batch. For example, if there is a pending EFT transaction for that pledge in an uncommitted batch, the pledge will be missing from the Apply Gift to Pledges screen. 
  3. Grant the user rights to view and enter credit card numbers
  4. Select the option to show 0 balance pledges (top right corner of the pledge screen) when applying the gift to a pledge.

Note: Applying a payment to a pledge with a 0 balance overpays the pledge. For more information, refer to solution BB78441.