• Configuring the funds and journal references:
      1. Verify the GL Distribution is defined correctly on the fund record
      2. In Configuration, click General Ledger
      3. Unmark the Blackbaud General Ledger present checkbox
      4. Define the appropriate Journal References (up to 50 characters, including spaces)
      • Posting transactions:
        1. In Administration, select Post to General Ledger
        2. In the What do you want to do? frame, select Run the General Ledger pre-posting report
        3. In the What do you want to do with the transactions? frame:
          • Mark the Create an export checkbox. Click the ellipses (...) to browse to the location where the export file should be created. In the File name field, name the export file and click Save.
          • Select whether to Post transactions in Detail or Summary format
          • Select the appropriate option for the Journal Entry: Use default journal reference or Use journal reference from Configuration
          • In the Miscellaneous Information frame, make the appropriate selections:
            • Group transactions by: You can select to group your transactions by Batch or Gift post date
            • Create exception query of gifts to be posted to closed accounting periods: The program creates a query of the gifts posted to closed accounting periods in General Ledger. This option is enabled only if you are integrated with the Financial Edge as the Raiser's Edge has no way to determine what is "Closed" in 3rd party systems.
            • Create exception report: This generates a report of all transactions posted to closed accounting periods in General Ledger. The report displays Post Date, Account Number, Account Description, Project Description, and Reference. You can select to Preview the report on screen or Print out a hardcopy.
            • Create control report: This generates a report displaying Post Date, Description, Created By, No. of Trans., Total Debits, Total Credits, and Status of all gift records posted to General Ledger. You can select to Preview the report on your computer screen or Print the report.

            Refer to the Forums for questions regarding best practices integrating The Raiser's Edge with third-party accounting software programs.

            • Click Next
            • On the Gifts tab, select which gifts to post. For example, select the appropriate date range.
            • Click Next
            • On the Format tab, select how you want to review the report
            • Click Pre-Post Report
            • The following fields are exported when selecting the option to Use default journal reference: Account Number, Date, Name and Type of Gift, Debit Amount, Credit Amount.