1. In Reports, click Journal and Batch Reports, highlight Batch Detail Report and click New. 
  2. On the General tab, select the appropriate date filters.
    • Creation Date: The date the batch was originally created
    • Date: The date the batch was posted to the General Ledger
    • Change Date: The date the batch was last modified
      Note: The filter dates refer to the date the entire batch was created, posted or changed, and not the post dates for individual transactions.
  3. Select the Filters tab and define any remaining report filters as appropriate.
  4. Click Preview or Print.

Note: Post Date is not an allowed field because batches can contain multiple post dates. To filter by post dates, use a report or query designed for individual transactions such as:

  • Transaction Report In Journal and Batch reports
  • General Ledger Report In Account reports
  • Transaction Query You can specify post date and sort by the batch number

All of the above can be exported for further manipulation.