1. Open the report parameters and select the Format tab
2. Under Name Formats, highlight Individual
3. Select the appropriate Addressee/Salutation to Use option:

  • From individual: Select this option to use an addressee/salutation type present on the constituent's Addressees/Salutations tab (e.g., Primary Addressee or Primary Salutation). This prints the addressee/salutation exactly as it is listed on the constituent's record, including addressee/salutations marked as editable.
  • From Configuration: Select this option to base the name format on a formula from Configuration's Addressees/Salutations screen, regardless of what's entered on the constituent's Addressees/Salutations tab.
  • Use individual name: Select this option to pull the constituent's first name, middle initial, and last name (e.g., Robert C. Hernandez). In Reports, the default setting is Use individual name.