Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved: 

  1. In order to import addressee/salutations, you need to use the addressee/salutation ID number. Add a column in the import file for the addressee/salutation. The header is AddSalID. Print a list of addressee/salutations with the corresponding IDs (22465) to make sure that you are pulling the correct ID.

    For more information, refer to How to import addressees/salutations (BB4397) or How to import additional addressees/salutations (BB12247).

    Note: The AddSalID field is required even if the addressee or salutation is editable. If editable, it doesn't matter what ID number you enter as long as the ID number is in Configuration. We recommend using 1. If not editable, enter the ID for the appropriate addressee/salutation format in Configuration.
  2. Ensure the Extensions (Fields tab in the import parameters) is the same number for all of the salutation fields.