1. Open the import file in Excel
  2. Highlight and then delete the empty rows corresponding to the NULLs on the fields tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet
  3. Save the file in CSV format again
  4. Import the file
​If for any reason the NULL values are still showing:
  1. Open the import file in Excel
  2. Copy the rows with information
  3. Open a new instance of Excel
  4. Paste the information into a new spreadsheet
  5. Save the file in a CSV format
  6. Import the file
If NULL values or blank lines are appearing still on the fields tab
  1. Select the Fields tab
  2. Click Clear Fields at the bottom (note: this will clear out all mapping - take screen shots if desired first)
  3. Click update fields and map any fields that did not auto populate
  4. Import the file