1. Give SYSTEM full control of the drive the Blackbaud Management Console is being installed to
  2. Disable simple file sharing
  3. Update/Repair the Blackbaud Management Console (BB35749) using Update CD

    This installs the Blackbaud Management Console executable and places an icon on the Desktop, and will also install MSDE if it was not installed originally.

    Note: The original installation may have attached the sample database to the existing SQL Server Enterprise Manager installation. Refer to your SQL Server Database Administrator or SQL Server documentation to detach the database if this is the case. After detaching any database from SQL Server 2000, use the Blackbaud Management Console to attach the databases to the proper server or migrate to the proper location.


  4. If MSDE still did not install, refer to Installation of the MSDE engine rolls back and will not install (BB126206) for troubleshooting steps.