• Entering points over the assignment's maximum points:

    You can enter more than the maximum points for an assignment to award extra credit.
    Verify the correct decimal precision is set in Options, General to display the extra points correctly  
  • Entering points for an assignment with zero maximum points:

    If you are calculating grades based on total points, you can enter zero as the  maximum points of an assignment. Any points you enter for the assignment grade count as extra credit.

    This method is possible only if:
    1. You are using only assignment grades to calculate the marking column average
    2. You are using category averages to calculate the marking column average and the calculation type for the category is Using Total Points.

      The program does not drop assignments with zero maximum points. If all assignments in a category have zero maximum points, such as in an extra credit category, you can enter a number to drop but no grades will drop.
  • Creating a category to track extra credit:

    If you use category averages to calculate marking column averages, you can create a graded category to track extra credit points, regardless of whether Using Total Points or Using Percentages is the calculation type. With this method, you must manually track the points in the category average and add them to the marking column grade at the end of the marking column.

    1. Enter a factor of zero for the category to exclude the category from automatic calculations.
    2. Create assignments in the category to track extra credit tasks.
    3. Enter extra credit points as assignment grades. When entering points, manually update the total number of extra credit points in the category average column.
    4. At the end of the marking column, manually update the Extra Credit category average of the category a final time.
    5. Manually add the total extra credit points to the marking column grade.