In Export:

  1. In Export, open the appropriate export parameters
  2. On the Output tab in the right frame, highlight the date field to change and click Format
  3. Select Short Date Format or Long Date Format
  4. Click OK

For letters printed from Records:

  1. In Configuration, click Letters
  2. Open the appropriate letter
  3. Click Edit Export
  4. Follow the steps in the In Export section above

For letters printed from Mail:

  1. In Mail, highlight the type of mailing, such as Donor Acknowledgement Letters
  2. Open the appropriate mailing
  3. On the Fields to Include tab, highlight Gift Date
  4. Click Options
  5. Select the format (short or long)
  6. Click OK
NOTE: To change the way the short date or long date format appears, change the format in regional settings. For example, if the short date currently appears as 12/10/03 and you want it to appear as 12/10/2003 (using a four digit year), change the short date format from MM/dd/yy to MM/dd/yyyy in regional settings.

NOTE: If you are hosted, you can change the format of the regional settings by following this Knowledgebase article.