You can add product records from either Records or Configuration. The Products link in Records opens the Products page from Configuration. You can also add product records from line items while creating purchase orders. In this example, the product will be added from the Records page:


  1. On the navigation bar, click Records
  2. Click Products link and on the action bar, click New
  3. In the Product ID field, enter a unique ID for the product
  4. In the Description field, enter a description to help identify the product
  5. In the Unit of measure field, select the unit of measure to use when measuring the product's quantity. The entries available in this field are pulled from the Unit of Measure table defined in Configuration.
  6. In the Standard unit cost field, enter the price of a single unit
  7. In the Quantity decimals field, enter the number of decimal places to allow when defining the quantity of a product
  8. In the Receiving location field, select a location. Receiving locations are pulled from a code table defined in Configuration.
  9. In the Vendor name or Vendor ID field, enter the name or ID of the vendor or use the binoculars to locate a vendor
  10. In the Vendor part number field, you can enter the number assigned to this product by the vendor
  11. In the Notes field, you can add any additional notes about this product.
  12. If you do not want this product to be used, mark Do not allow this product to appear on new line items
  13. Click Save and Close or to save the product and add another new product record, click Save and New