1. Verify the payment is unapplied.
  2. Open the deposit where the payment resides.
  3. Change the deposit status from Closed to Open and save the deposit.
  4. If the deposit status is cleared, unmark the "Deposit cleared on" checkbox.
  5. Save the deposit.
  6. Select the Payments tab and open the payment in question.
  7. Select Payment, Void this Payment from the menu bar.
  8. Enter the Void post status/date, also called the reversal date, for the payment (this will show on the General Ledger the next time you post)


  • A payment cannot be voided if its deposit is marked cleared, closed, or if the deposit is reconciled. Voiding a payment could also change the deposit total, depending on the option selected when voiding the deposit, which could cause potential reconciliation issues.
  • If you have the optional module Cash Management you have additional options available. Refer to What are the available options when voiding a payment.
  • When voiding a posted payment in Student Billing you need to choose a void date and a void post status/date. The void date is the transaction date of the void. The void post status/date is the date the voided transaction will post to the General Ledger.