If updating existing constituents:


    On the General tab of the import parameters, select Update existing records and unmark the Import records not found as new records checkbox.

    If importing new constituents (including marking the Import records not found as new records checkbox when updating existing constituents):


      • Include the Key Indicator field in the data file.  It can be added in Excel:
        1. Open Excel
        2. Click File, Open
        3. Browse to and select the data (import) file
        4. Insert a column and type KeyInd in the first row. (This is the header.)
        5. In this column, enter I for individuals or O for organizations. If the constituents are of the same type, you can type I or O in the second row and drag it to all the way down the column to the last row with data.

      • In the Import parameters, select the Fields tab and ensure the KeyInd field is mapped to KeyInd