Try each of the following steps in order, while logged in as a local administrator on the affected machine, until the error is resolved:

  1. Reboot the workstation (if in a Terminal Services environment, reboot the Terminal Server instead of the workstation)
  2. Rename any instances of a BBUPDATE.INI file on the workstation to BBUPDATE.OLD and log into the program. The BBUPDATE.INI will be recreated automatically (if in a Terminal Services environment, rename these files on the Terminal server and all users)
  3. Manually Update/Repair the workstation
  4. Browse to the Deploy folder, Open the Patch folder, and run BBPatch.exe manually
  5. If the Update/Repair does not correct the issue, uninstall and reinstall the affected workstation:

If a workstation has UAC enables, please see the steps to resolve when running the Raiser's Edge on a User Account Control (UAC) enabled operating system.