The term "Regular pledge" could describe the general concept of a pledge, which is a promise to make a gift in the future to be paid in single or multiple installments.

After a constituent makes a pledge to your organization, you will need to create a gift record with the gift type of Pledge or Matching Gift Pledge to record the commitment, enter its schedule, and track its payments (fulfillment). In The Raiser's Edge, the created gift record would be the "Master pledge" because it tracks all this information.

For example, say a donor pledges to donate $100 to your organization on January 1 to be paid two payments of $50 on February 1 and March 1. This Pledge Schedule can be added on the Installments/Payments tab of the Pledge gift record to note the dates and amounts of the expected payments.

Technically in The Raiser's Edge, all Pledges and Matching Gift Pledges are Master pledges. (Even if you do not enter a schedule specifically, the Pledge or Matching Gift Pledge will still have a schedule of one expected installment.)

Since this is the case, you may hear the terms "Pledge" or "Matching Gift Pledge" used to refer to the master records. However, if you are working among multiple pledge payment and pledge records, then the term Master Pledge record would be used to specify the record with the pledge information, namely the Installments/Payments tab with the schedule and received payments.

The specific term "Master Pledge" can be seen in The Raiser's Edge on certain reports. For information, please refer to

Note: Pledge terms like "installment," "master," and "regular" may have specific meanings within your organization. Consult your database administrator, supervisor, or other appropriate organizational resources for more information. The terminology above is specific to Blackbaud products and is not necessarily a standard naming convention for pledges.

For more information about pledges as well as other gift types in The Raiser's Edge, refer to the Gift Records Guide.