1. In General Ledger, click Query on the navigation bar
  2. Click New
  3. For Query Type select Account and for Query Format select Dynamic
  4. On the Criteria tab, select the plus sign next Account to reveal more options
  5. Select the plus sign for Account Segments
  6. Double click to select one of the segments (Account code, Fund, Department, etc)
  7. Set the operator to equals
  8. Choose the Value that is required and click OK.
  9. Click the Output tab
  10. Select any items here that you would like to see about these accounts (Account number, Description, etc)
  11. Select the Sort tab to define any sorting that is necessary. This step is optional
  12. Click Run, in the lower right corner, or the Results tab
  13. If necessary, the results can be exported to excel by clicking Export to Excel on the results tab