1. Create a static gift query
  2. On the Criteria tab, select Gift, Gift Date, between [the date range]
  3. On the Sort tab, select Gift, Gift Amount:
    • For the largest gifts, sort in descending order
    • For the smallest gifts, sort in ascending order
  4. Select Tools, Query Options from the menu bar
  5. On the Record Processing tab, mark the Apply Output Limits option (if it is grayed out, change the query type to static)
  6. Enter the appropriate number of gifts in the Limit to field
  7. Save the static query
Note: The Apply Output Limits option only affects how many records the static query saves, not how many appear in the query's Results tab. You will need to use the query in a report or export to see only the largest gift.


Instead of creating a query, use Export:

  1. Create a constituent export
  2. On the Output tab, select Largest Gift Date, Amount
  3. When prompted, enter the date range for the gifts to include when finding the largest gift. Click Export Now.
  4. Open the file in Excel and sort by this column