Enter the name in exactly in the Search screen


Unselect the Exact Match Only and either use a wildcard symbol (*) before or after the text or only use the few beginning letters to pull constituents with the name that begins with those letters



If you have just created a blank database or migrated an existing The Raiser's Edge version 7.5 or 6 database your can:


  1. Uninstall SQL Server and reinstall it with the accent insensitive collation sequence to allow for all returns of a name variation.

  2. Re-create or re-migrate the database

Any information added to the database prior to the re-creation or re-migration will be lost. This is specific to The Raiser's Edge 7 and only works in this specific case. Once a database has been created with a specific collation sequence it cannot be changed without creating a new database with the appropriate sequence.