This is a non-exhaustive list of possible resolutions: 
  1. Verify all other applications are closed during the update/installation.
  2. Disable any anti-virus or anti-malware software during the installation process. This should be reactivated once the update/install is completed.
  3. Verify that the user has local administrator rights on the computer being installed and Read and Execute permissions to the Network share where the Deploy folder reside.
  4. The update is running even though the Task Manager may indicate it is 'Not Responding'. Allow the update to proceed. If there is a problem with update, an error message will appear to alert you.
  5. If you just ran an InstallShield setup, the engine takes a few seconds at the end of the installation to clean up. During this time Ikernel.exe (the engine file) is running in memory from a previous process. That is why you are not allowed to launch another setup. Waiting a few seconds and running the setup again should resolve this.
  6. Check and make sure Ikernel.exe is not running in the Task Manager, Processes tab. If it is, and no setup is running at the time, End Task and restart the system.
  7. Delete any Temp files
  8. Reboot the computer, start in Safe Mode, and attempt the installation while in Safe Mode. See Microsoft Article ID 17419 for instructions on rebooting in Safe Mode.

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