• Regular - You use a regular purchase order to order goods or services from a vendor. Line items on regular purchase orders are posted, increasing the encumbrance balance. You can delete, cancel, or close a regular purchase order.


  • Blanket - A blanket purchase order is an order for a large quantity of an item (more than is currently needed). The order is a commitment to purchase, typically made to obtain a volume discount or ensure you receive hard to get items. Generate regular purchase orders from the blanket purchase order until the blanket order is satisfied. You do not post blanket line items. Use blanket line items and the post status and post date fields as defaults for the regular purchase orders generated from the blanket order.


  • Template - A template purchase order is a vendor-specific purchase order default record for purchase from a vendor that occur on a frequent basis (similar to using a recurring journal entry template in General Ledger or a recurring invoice in Accounts Payable). With a template purchase order, you can save all order information for future use, including line items, attributes, and notes. You can then create regular purchase orders by copying the template purchase order, saving data entry time. Templates do not post to the General Ledger, only the regular Purchase Orders that are created from them post.

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