1. In Records, click Purchase Orders
  2. Create the Blanket Purchase Order if it does not already exist
  3. Click Add a New Purchase Order
  4. Select the Purchase Order tab
  5. Select the vendor and use Regular as the Type
  6. Select Purchase Order, Use a Blanket Purchase Order from the menu bar
  7. Click Find Now, select the Blanket Purchase Order and click Open. This adds the line items from the Blanket Purchase Order on the Line Items tab
  8. Open line items to edit the information to reflect what is being ordered on this regular purchase order
  9. Delete the line items that will not be ordered on this purchase order
  10. Save and Close the regular purchase order

The amount of the Blanket Purchase Order is reduced by the line items on the Regular Purchase order

When creating a regular purchase order from a blanket purchase order the following rules apply:
  • Each line item entered on the blanket purchase order is copied to the regular purchase order. Initially, the quantity and amount of each line item is zero.
  • When creating a regular purchase order, each quantity and amount of the generated regular purchase order are checked against the remaining balance of the associated blanket order line item. If the total quantity and amount of all regular purchase order line items exceed the quantity and amount of the corresponding line item on the blanket order, the program warns you that the quantity entered exceeds the remaining balance for the line item.
  • You can add additional line items to a regular purchase order created from a blanket order; however, these line items do not affect the blanket order.
  • You can generate regular purchase orders from an expired blanket order; however, you receive a warning that the blanket purchase order has expired.