1. Create the deposit
  2. Add the payment with any appropriate information, and apply the payment on the Accounts Receivable Detail or Student Billing Detail tab.
  3. On the Payment tab, click New Miscellaneous Payment.
  4. Select the category in the details column and enter the amount. The Miscellaneous Amount cannot be the total amount for the payment.

    Note: Both portions of the payment post to General Ledger from Accounts Receivable. The Miscellaneous Payment option does not create a separate miscellaneous cash receipt. However, it does allow you to distribute a single accounts receivable payment (receipt) between your accounts receivable (or student billing) and miscellaneous cash accounts. This distribution is defined on the payment's GL Distribution tab.

    Note: Must have Cash Receipts Module unlocked in database, or the Miscellaneous Payments box will not be present on the Accounts Receivable or Student Billing Deposits.