The Raiser’s Edge can integrate constituent, action, appeal, and event records (events are only available with the Event module) with Microsoft Outlook contacts, calendar, and task records. You can synchronize the two programs so that constituents from The Raiser's Edge are linked to records in Outlook. Once records are linked, the record is automatically updated in one program when it is changed in the other.

Constituents added to The Raiser’s Edge can be automatically included in Outlook as contacts. Additionally, actions, appeals and events you establish in The Raiser’s Edge can appear as calendar and task records in Outlook. You can also select Outlook contacts, calendar, and task records and link them to new or existing records in The Raiser’s Edge.

Using the Office Integration will not adversely affect the normal performance of The Raiser's Edge software.

For more information, refer to How to integrate Microsoft Office (BB89997)