Both the Constituent ID and the Import ID can be assigned as record identifiers for importing new constituents. To ensure the ID is unique for each record, we recommend using a format such as your initials, the date, and a sequence number. Example: JB070509-001, JB070509-002, etc.

If you are working in Excel, unique IDs can be created as follows:
  1. In first cell of Import ID column, enter the unique ID, such as JB070509-001
  2. Move pointer to lower right of cell until icon changes to a plus sign like this +
  3. Hold down left mouse button and drag down the Import ID column to auto-fill
  • If multiple IDs are needed in a file, such as importing constituent addresses and phones, add a letter within the ID, such as JB070609A-001, which will auto-fill as JB070609A-001, JB070609A-002, JB070609A-003, etc. Then in another column, JB070609B-001, JB070609B-002, JB070609B-003, etc.
  • Avoid leading zeroes at the start of the ID number if possible, for example 070509-001, as this can cause issues if you plan to work with the data in Excel. Unless you are careful to save in a text format every time, like CSV, Excel auto-formatting can sometimes cut off leading zeroes.
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