Beginning in the SQL Server versions, the Deploy Kit's workstation install directory can be modified.
    • Open the Blackbaud Management Console
    • Highlight the product that the Deploy kit is being updated for
    • Click Manage Deploy Kit
    • Click Next on the Welcome screen
    • Select the Modify option and click Next
    • On the Select Install Location on Client Systems screen, select either
      • prompt user for an install path - This option allows the user to select the product installation path during the install.
      • automatically install the software to this path - This option installs the product to the same path on every workstation. If selecting this option, enter the path where the product will install to on all workstations.

        Note: Verify all workstations have a correct path for the installation. For example, if the entered path is E:\Blackbaud\, then verify that each workstation has an E:\ drive.
    • Click Modify, then Finish