As one of version 7.61's new features to support regular givers, the Financial Institution Cleanup replaces one or more financial institution(s) with another, and optionally deletes the replaced value(s). Use Financial Institution Cleanup to maintain up-to-date bank information for regular givers who make direct debit donations.
    • Make sure you have a recent and tested backup of the database.
    • In Configuration, Financial Institutions, click Financial Institution Cleanup in the action bar. The following screen appears:

      Financial Institution Cleanup

    • Click the binoculars to search for the financial institutions to replace in the grid at the top.
    • In the Replace with field, select the institution that will replace the ones listed above.
    • Mark the checkboxes at the bottom to delete the replaced financial institutions from the database (if applicable) and transfer phone/email/links from the new financial institution to the newly associated constituents.
    • Click Replace now to make the change.