Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

    • Ensure the selected code is present on the Bio 2 tab of the constituent's record
    • Update the date range of the constituency code:
      1. In Records, click Constituents
      • Open the appropriate constituent record
      • On the Bio 2 tab in the row for the appropriate constituency code, enter the appropriate values in the Date From and Date To fields. If appropriate, the fields may be left blank.
      • Save and close the constituent record

      • Change the date range on the report to include the constituent code
      • If it is necessary to filter the report by gift constituency (the constituency code selected on the Miscellaneous tab of the gift) instead of by constituency code (the code selected on the Bio 2 tab of the constituent), filter the report by gift constituency. For example:
        • If running a Statistical Report, select Gift constituent code as the Field to use