We are unable to address this issue because it is related to third-party software. Contact Microsoft for assistance.
In order to make pivot reports available within our programs, we use Microsoft Office Web Components. These components do not offer full Excel functionality, and we are limited to what they offer. For more information, refer to Microsoft's article, Introducing the Office Web Components.

To print the pivot report or to have full Excel functionality when using the pivot report, export the pivot report to Excel , select Insert, Chart from the menu bar in Excel, and format, print, manipulate the report.

Note: When exporting to Excel, all fields from the query output export. If you do not want all fields to export, remove the appropriate fields from the query output. This functionality is controlled by the Microsoft Web Components and we are unable to change it.

Note: The export may take awhile due to the amount of information and links that are being exported. If it takes too long, you can also copy the data to Excel. However, it will not be interactive and you will have to manually type the row and column names. To do this:

    • Highlight the entire grid on the pivot report
    • Right-click and select Copy
    • Open Excel and place your cursor in cell B2 (this allows you a row and a column to enter the headings).
    • Select Edit, Paste from the menu bar