Blackbaud always recommends that organizations upgrade to the latest version of our software, which includes the latest software enhancements, additional features, and functionality.  You must install the end-of-year update before processing your W-2s and 1099s.

  • Accounts Payable

    The release includes final 1099 changes from the IRS. You must install the end-of-year release before processing your 2013 1099s to ensure compatibility with new magnetic media file regulations.
  • Payroll

    The release incorporates final changes from the IRS and state tax authorities, including 2013 W-2 form changes, 2014 state tax table changes submitted to Blackbaud. This release also includes Aatrix performance improvements for processing tax reports such as 941s, W-2s, and state unemployment forms

    Note: If you are currently using Payroll 6 with the Financial Edge, you must convert to Payroll 7 before processing tax forms since Payroll 6 is no longer compliant with tax requirements.

Download the end of the year patch from our website; an end-of-year update CD will not be sent to your organization automatically.  For full instructions on how to install the update for The Financial Edge, please refer to how to install the patch for The Financial Edge. Make sure that you choose the download that matches your current version. We released an End of Year patch for version 7.86.93 towards the end of December '13.