Note : Before you proceed with the following instructions, back up the database. If your organization integrates multiple Blackbaud products, refer to the Additional Requirements section of the backup article.
  1. The attribute type can only be changed if the attribute is not used on any record.
  1. In Configuration, click Attributes from the navigation bar.
  2. Select the appropriate attribute type. For example, if the attribute is a constituent attribute, select Constituent.
  3. Place the cursor in the Data column in the appropriate row. 
  4. Select Table.
  5. Place the cursor in the Table Name column and select Add a New Table.
  6. Enter the name for the new table and click OK.
  7. In Configuration, click Tables from the navigation bar.
  8. Select the table name from step 7.
  9. Repeat for all other table entries.
  10. If you globally removed the attribute, globally add the attribute back to the record using the output query created in step 1.