Before proceeding, determine how your Raiser's Edge fund record will be associated to your General Ledger projects. 

For example, one common method is to associate each Raiser's Edge fund record with a unique General Ledger project (or distributed to the same set of projects). Every gift type within The Raiser's Edge fund will post to the same General Ledger project(s). 

Note: If you require balancing by project in The Financial Edge, you would want to have a project of each Raiser's Edge fund record. Having one project for each Raiser's Edge fund makes reconciling and tracking Raiser's Edge activity easier. Otherwise, you would need to create many accounts or devise another way to track Raiser's Edge activity in The Financial Edge.

The steps below show how to configure The Raiser's Edge funds to associate with a General Ledger project.


  • Establish the connection between The Raiser's Edge and The Financial Edge.
  • Configure the account and project options within The Raiser's Edge:
  • Define The Raiser's Edge fund's project and accounts:
  1. On The Raiser's Edge navigation bar, click Configuration.
  2. Highlight GL Distributions. If you have funds with more than one project distribution (for example, a separate project distribution for each gift type for one fund) then the Remove Project column from fund GL Distributions grid checkbox appears.
  3. Mark the Remove Project column from fund GL Distributions grid checkbox.
  4. Highlight the General option and define a default GL Distribution (optional). These accounts are added to new funds by default, but can be changed as needed.
  5. Open The Raiser's Edge fund record or create a new fund.
  6. Select Fund, Add this Fund as a GL Project from the menu bar. If adding a new fund, the fund must be saved first before this option is available.

    Note: The fund's Fund ID and Description become the project's Project ID and Description respectively.

  7. If you are not already logged into The Financial Edge, a login screen appears. Log into The Financial Edge with The Financial Edge login information.
  8. The new Project record opens automatically. Complete the remaining information as it applies to that project.
  9. The new project defaults on the fund's GL Distribution tab automatically.

    To distribute the fund to multiple projects, click Projects on the bottom of the GL Distribution tab and enter the appropriate projects and distributions. The fund's GL Distribution tab will show as -Distributed-. 


  10. Define the appropriate debit and credit accounts for the fund's gift types.
  11. Save and close the fund record.