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  1. Local User ASPNET must have Read and Execute Permissions to the following folders:

    C:\Program Files\Common Files


    [path]\Raiser's Edge 7

  2. Create an RE7DOTNETAPI.DLL file
  3. Create a new ASP Project and add a single button.
  4. Set a reference to the RE7DOTNETAPI.DLL file that was created in step 2.
  5. Add Imports REDOTNET to the top of the code
  6. Copy the following code into the Button1_Click Event Sub:

     Dim oapi as new REAPI()

           If oapi.Init("WRE11111", "Supervisor", "admin", 50, , AppMode.amServer) Then

               Button1.Text = "Connected"


               Button1.Text = "Not Connected"

           End If

           oapi.SignOutOnTerminate = True


           oapi = Nothing

  7. Run the project.

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