Query's Summary For Gift fields are Average Amount, Consecutive Years Giving, Gain/Loss Amount, Median, Mode, Pledge Balance, Total Amount, and Total Number of Gifts. To access these fields, scroll to the bottom of the Available Fields treeview, click Summary Information, and click Summary For Gift.

The fields are available in Constituent, Individual, or Organization queries.

Let's say you want to send a letter to all constituents who have donated at least $1,000 this year. You don't want to include pledges, just actual cash and stock donations. Use the following filters:


Gift Date Between 1/1/2001 - today's date

Gift Type One Of Cash, Pay-Cash, Stock, Pay-Stock

Gift Summary Total Amount Greater Than or Equal To $1,000

Note: To send a letter to all constituents who have given a one-time gift of at least $1,000 this year, use Gift Amount as your query filter instead of Gift Summary Total Amount.

To find constituents who have donated a certain amount in two separate years, create just one query.

    • Select the Total Amount field
    • Define the Gift Total Amount on the Criteria tab
    • Select the Filter tab, select Gift Date from Available Fields, and define the date range
    • Repeat steps 1-3, and select the date range for the second year in step 3

    A Query user option allows you to choose whether or not the system should automatically apply filter criteria to summary fields. If you do not apply filter criteria to summary fields, gifts made outside the specified date range you specify in the Total Amount filters may appear in your query output. While this does not affect the constituents in your query, you may prefer not to see these gifts.

    To change the user option, select Tools, User Options from the menu bar, click the Query tab, and click Advanced. Select either "Ask me each time I select a summary field" or "Automatically apply all query criteria."

    Note: It may take a few extra moments for the program to apply filter criteria.

    Another way to prevent gifts made outside the date range from appearing is to add a Gift Date filter to your query. In this example, use Gift Date between 1/1/1999 AND 12/31/2000.