Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:
    • Mark the Display inactive campaigns (funds or appeals) checkbox


      Make the campaign (fund or appeal) active
    • Unmark the Display campaigns (funds or appeals) with a date range containing [date] checkbox
    • Unmark the Exact match only checkbox
    • If the issue occurs when entering the campaign (fund or appeal) ID, enter the name of the campaign (fund or appeal) description or vice versa.


      Change from campaign (fund or appeal) ID to description (or vice versa) in User Options.
    • In the Category drop-down, ensure the correct category is selected

      Leave the Category drop-down blank

    • Funds only: Unmark the Display restricted funds only checkbox
    • Campaigns only: If searching for the campaign on a fund record, a campaign does not appear in the search results if it is already listed on the Campaigns tab of the fund. Return to the Campaign tab and ensure that the campaign is already listed.
    • Ensure the user has rights to the funds.