1. In Reports> Account Reports
  2. Double-click on Chart of Accounts Report Or select Chart of Accounts Report and click New
  3. On the General tab, you set parameters specific to the report and make selections about information included in the report. 
  4. In the Use chart template field, select a chart template for the report. Chart templates are created in Visual Chart Organizer (VCO).  You may want to include a default VCO that includes all accounts.
  5. On the Filters tab, you can filter to include information based on selected criteria such as funds, account codes, and account attributes
  6. On the Columns tab of the Chart of Accounts Report, you can open existing columns, delete columns, and view headings and descriptions defined for columns already created. You can also use the New Column button to create a new column.
  7. When you click New Column, the Column <#> screen appears so you can name and define report columns.  The Display field is where you can select specific values to display on the Chart of accounts, for example a specific account attribute.
  8. On the Format tab, you decide how the report should look. You can create headings and footers, include a list of criteria used to create the report, and sort the information in the report. You can select the format for displaying monetary amounts and print the report in color.  The list on the left of the screen displays formatting options for the Chart of Accounts Report. When you select an item in the list, the right side of the screen displays selections for that section of the report
  9. Click Preview to preview the report