1. Locate the Deploy folder on the server
  2. Verify there is a Patch folder within the Deploy folder. If not, then the cumulative patch installation was not run on the server (or was not successful)
  3. Download the latest cumulative patch at the server
  4. Verify the user installing the cumulative patch file has permissions to write to Temp and Deploy directories on the server.

    Note: The cumulative patch extracts the update files to the Temp directory first, and then the update copies the cumulative patch file to the Deploy\Patch directory. If the user installing patch does not have rights to these folders, the patch will not install correctly.
  5. Install the latest cumulative patch on the server.
  6. Once the patch has been installed, open the Deploy folder on the server and verify there is a Patch folder within the Deploy folder
  7. Log into the database from the workstation and the update runs automatically.

    Note: If the update does not run automatically, browse to the Deploy\Patch folder on the server and run the cumulative patch , not the Setup.exe in the root of the Deploy folder (the name will vary depending on the version of the software, for example 7_30_413Patch.exe)

If the problem still occurs, uninstall and reinstall The Financial Edge on the workstation