Try each of the following steps in order until the problem is resolved:

  1. Verify which table is being used for address, Primary_address or T_address. If using T_address, someone with multiple addresses will show up in the query/reports multiple times. Use Primary_address instead and the query only looks at the primary address for a record.

  2. If the table or query being used is selecting for Primary/Solicitation/Billing, verify deleted accounts are being taken into consideration.

  3. If one of the queries/tables being used is phone related, verify the record does not contain multiple phone types.

  4. If the duplicates are still appearing try the following:
    1. Locate any accounts with no sequence ID. Mark the Delete checkbox for these accounts.
    2. If all accounts have a sequence ID, unmark all Primary boxes
    3. Open UWCMS and mark the existing phone number as primary
    4. Open the T_Phones table and delete the record where Primary box is still empty (or 0)