Note : Before you proceed with the following instructions, back up the database. If your organization integrates multiple Blackbaud products, refer to the Additional Requirements section of the backup article.  

  1. Select Tools, User Options from the menu bar. 
  2. On the General tab under Code Tables, mark the Use Long Description for display and data entry checkbox. 
  3. Click OK. 
  4. In Query, create a static gift query and filter on Gift Information, Currency Type Not Blank. 
  5. In Administration, select Import. 
  6. Double-click Gift (under the Gift category). 
  7. On the General tab:
    • What do you want to do?: Create import file 
    • Options: click Include and choose selected records. Select the query created in step 1. Mark Include selected fields in the Import file. 
    • What file to you wish to create?: Browse to folder in which to save the file and enter the file name for the import file to be created
    • Leave everything else set to the defaults
  8. On the Layout tab: Leave everything set to the defaults 
  9. On the Fields tab: Keep the default fields of:
    • Gift Import ID (GFImpID) 
    • Fund (FundID) 
    • Date (GFDate) 
    • Type (GFType) 
    • Amount (GFTAmt)
    and select the following Gift, Gift Currency Country from the list of available fields in the right frame 
  10. Click Create Now to create the import file. 
  11. When the import file is exported, click Save and give the parameters a name. Click Save again. 
  12. Close the parameter set. 
  13. Open the file created in steps 5 - 10 in Excel. 
  14. In the GFCurCntry column, add the correct country, for example, United States. Be sure that it exactly matches how that country was entered in Configuration, International. 
  15. Give the file a name and save the file in CSV (comma-delimited)(*.csv) format. 
  16. In Administration, open the saved import parameters from step 11. 
  17. On the General tab, make the following changes:
    • What do you want to do? Update existing records 
    • What file to you wish to import? Browse to the file saved in step 15 
    • Leave everything else the same.
  18. On the Layout tab, leave everything the same 
  19. On the Fields tab, click Update Fields. Ensure that all fields are mapped. 
  20. Click Update Now. All the gift currency countries will be updated.