Follow these steps to link tables from the main database, normally scms95.mdb, to the current database:

Microsoft Access Databases:

  1. Open the database to link from
  2. Select Tables
  3. Right-click within the tables window and select Link Tables
  4. Select the UWCMS database (the default name is scms95.mdb)
  5. Click Select All and click OK
  6. Re-run report or query

SQL Server Databases:

  1. Go to File, Get External Data, Link Tables
  2. Choose Files of Type, select ODBC Databases. In most cases, the database will be under Machine Data Source.
  3. Select the CMS database (the default name is scms95.mdb or some variation thereof)
  4. Click OK
  5. Click Select All, Click OK
  6. From the Table window, delete the prefix dbo_ from each table name. The queries will not run unless the 'dbo_' prefixes are removed. To remove the dbo_ prefixes without manually renaming each table refer to How to remove dbo_ from Access tables(BB130370).